Traveling to Ushuaia was a dream that, at first, seemed a little out of my reach. I mean, it IS the southernmost city in the world, afterall.  But once I did some research I discovered it wasn’t all that hard to get there, and flights left daily out of Buenos Aires.  So, why not?  Part of the allure was that I didn’t know anyone else who had ever been there, let alone that I have an affinity for traveling to extreme and unusual places.  Now it seems like a dream that I was ever there at all.  Thankfully I took pictures – thousands that I’m still making my way through — it may be a while until I finish editing, so for now, here are a few sneep peeps.

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Back on the road


roads in Maui

Because of my ever-busy schedule (and the fact that I’m hired to blog for several other companies) this blog unfortunately gets neglected. In an attempt to bridge the long gaps between posts, I’ve created another blog on tumblr that is a lot more minimal and easier to keep up with. I’m about to travel throughout Argentina & Brazil over the next 3 weeks (celebrating my 28th birthday) so if you’d like to follow along add me to your reader here:

Of course, I’ll still be posting on instagram too.

I’m crazy excited for this next adventure and can’t wait to share photos from the southernmost city in the world & more.

the road is life.

Smiles Davis


Last fall, my friend Smiles Davis needed some portraits taken that she could use as artwork for her DJ mixes and promotion over the next year. I met Smiles through The Flashdance, where we often work together at weddings. We bonded early on during a road trip to Vegas, so naturally we were both drawn to a desert backdrop when brainstorming ideas for this shoot. The entire afternoon was filled with dancing, random waterslides, bond-girl poses, and exploring desolate roads just outside of Palm Springs. Do yourself a favor and listen to this girl spin some records sometime — she’ll blow your mind.


Summer movement


I’ve been on the road/up in the air a lot lately for work. It feels good to always be moving, though sometimes that means not getting a day off in over a month! I can’t really complain though — this is pretty much how I always saw my life coming together. Thankfully I have my iPhone and VSCOcam on hand to take snapshots during these quick trips.


IOWA // part two


This is a Memorial Day party for the books. No doubt, the party of the year. Jonathan and Louise hosted a five year anniversary party this past Memorial Day weekened at their Iowa farmhouse and it was just oozing Americana goodness — BBQ, pie baking contest, dancing, croquet, fireworks, sparklers, a random bonfire, and my favorite part of the day: a hayride. It was seriously about as authentic as it gets. We even were asked to wear all white or pastels, which — not gonna lie — was a challenge for me (I am usually dressed in hot pink from head to toe). Everyone fulfilled the dress code and looked sharp as hell! I was impressed.

Sharing these memories with my friends and colleagues filled my heart with so much happiness. We all came from different corners of the country — Michael of The Flashdance flew in from LA to spin some records for us, Whitney traveled from the east coast to bring a Smilebooth, and Seattle-based Brian of Shark Pig brought his super 8 camera. Of course, with families and loved ones in tow.

I feel incredibly honored to have kicked off the summer in such good company. Thank you, Jonathan and Louise for putting together such a great party. And be sure to read more in the feature on 100 Layer Cake!