IOWA // part two


This is a Memorial Day party for the books. No doubt, the party of the year. Jonathan and Louise hosted a five year anniversary party this past Memorial Day weekened at their Iowa farmhouse and it was just oozing Americana goodness — BBQ, pie baking contest, dancing, croquet, fireworks, sparklers, a random bonfire, and my favorite part of the day: a hayride. It was seriously about as authentic as it gets. We even were asked to wear all white or pastels, which — not gonna lie — was a challenge for me (I am usually dressed in hot pink from head to toe). Everyone fulfilled the dress code and looked sharp as hell! I was impressed.

Sharing these memories with my friends and colleagues filled my heart with so much happiness. We all came from different corners of the country — Michael of The Flashdance flew in from LA to spin some records for us, Whitney traveled from the east coast to bring a Smilebooth, and Seattle-based Brian of Shark Pig brought his super 8 camera. Of course, with families and loved ones in tow.

I feel incredibly honored to have kicked off the summer in such good company. Thank you, Jonathan and Louise for putting together such a great party. And be sure to read more in the feature on 100 Layer Cake!


  1. louise says:

    You are such a talented lady. These pictures move me so much. You captured the day perfectly! Thanks again. xoxo

  2. Lisa Orgler says:

    I currently live in Iowa and am thrilled to death seeing this photos. You captured the beauty, quantness and spirit of Iowa perfectly. This must have been a magical day.

  3. Jon says:

    So good Jenn!

  4. Taylor says:

    Wow. I feel like I was a guest at this party. The shot on the hay wagon seriously great.

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