Smiles Davis

Last fall, my friend Smiles Davis needed some portraits taken that she could use as artwork for her DJ mixes and promotion over the next year. I met Smiles through The Flashdance, where we often work together at weddings. We bonded early on during a road trip to Vegas, so naturally we were both drawn to a desert backdrop when brainstorming ideas for this shoot. The entire afternoon was filled with dancing, random waterslides, bond-girl poses, and exploring desolate roads just outside of Palm Springs. Do yourself a favor and listen to this girl spin some records sometime — she’ll blow your mind.

  1. Alex Varanese says: February 19, 201311:08 pm

    Gorgeous. The ones in the apricot-colored jumpsuit (or whatever) are almost painfully beautiful.

  2. Erin says: February 20, 20137:27 am

    Such a fun shoot! Love the energy

  3. Aurora Lady says: February 24, 20138:17 pm

    Jumpsuit. BAM.

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