IOWA // part two


This is a Memorial Day party for the books. No doubt, the party of the year. Jonathan and Louise hosted a five year anniversary party this past Memorial Day weekened at their Iowa farmhouse and it was just oozing Americana goodness — BBQ, pie baking contest, dancing, croquet, fireworks, sparklers, a random bonfire, and my favorite part of the day: a hayride. It was seriously about as authentic as it gets. We even were asked to wear all white or pastels, which — not gonna lie — was a challenge for me (I am usually dressed in hot pink from head to toe). Everyone fulfilled the dress code and looked sharp as hell! I was impressed.

Sharing these memories with my friends and colleagues filled my heart with so much happiness. We all came from different corners of the country — Michael of The Flashdance flew in from LA to spin some records for us, Whitney traveled from the east coast to bring a Smilebooth, and Seattle-based Brian of Shark Pig brought his super 8 camera. Of course, with families and loved ones in tow.

I feel incredibly honored to have kicked off the summer in such good company. Thank you, Jonathan and Louise for putting together such a great party. And be sure to read more in the feature on 100 Layer Cake!


IOWA // part one


I can’t get this trip to Iowa out of my head.

The short version is that going to Fairfield was designed as a way to bring together our “work family” — nearly everyone from the creative collective The Flashdance flew in from dual coasts and spent several days in a town that shares a common history for many of my creative colleagues. We were all invited to a memorial day party to celebrate Shark Pig co-founder Jonathan Lynch’s five year anniversary with Louise (which was amazing and I’ll share pictures in the next post). But it was so much more than that.

It’s hard to explain, but rural Iowa really left an impression on me. This day in particular, when we all went swimming in a quarry, after which I spent hours exploring country roads chasing the most beautiful golden hour light I had seen in a long time — was blissful. My eyes felt fresh, my creativity awakened, and I really connected to the American heartland like never before.

Below are some personal photos that I love — one lens, one instant film camera, one day.


Instagram roundup


Some iPhone snaps taken while traveling over the past few weeks.


Alaska leftovers


Every now and then I start to miss living up north. Like Colorado, Alaska is a part of my soul and I was so lucky to call it my home for two summers. During my last year working in Juneau I rarely picked up my camera — my eyes were tired and I was working long hours, so I mostly kept my head down and simply went through the motions. But every now and again I would look up and snap a frame for personal memory — like when I had a few extra minutes to spend with the morning fog on my drive to the office, a flight over the glacier in the rain, the end of season boat trip with co-workers, my brother coming up to visit, kayaking to the glacier with friends, and watching a meteor shower on Douglas Island.

When I left I felt like I experienced everything I could in Alaska for that chapter of my life. Los Angeles may not have whales and glaciers, but it’s definitely where I belong right now.


Countryside to Coast: Brighton, Bath, …&Beyond


One of my main motivations to travel to England was that two friends of mine, Jenise and Jimmer, live in Liphook — about an hour south of London — and had a standing offer for me to stay with them should I ever come visit. I consider myself lucky to have friends all over the country, let alone the world, but luck doesn’t even scratch the surface of the amazing hospitality provided by Jenise and Jimmer. I totally feel like I won the friend lottery — those two basically MADE my trip to England as amazing as it was. Without them I wouldn’t have had nearly as great of a time as I did, and not just because Jenise made me a BADASS cake on my birthday (complete with a fondant unicorn, flat cat, camera, and rainbow — I seriously cried), and Jimmer not only tolerated my sundried tomato obsession, but also gave into my demands to watch reruns of Friends pretty much non-stop. Seriously, they are the most rock n’ roll couple in England. No one can convince me otherwise.

With the Olivers as my tour guides, we embarked on road trips to Stonehenge, Bath, Brighton (twice), and nearby villages, including a special trip to Colin Firth’s birthplace, which I will always associate with the memory of buying a hideous Posh Spice mask that I think would be good to wear on blind dates. Brighton was such a charming coastal town that is a favorite getaway spot for J&J, and after our time there I can totally see why.