IOWA // part one


I can’t get this trip to Iowa out of my head.

The short version is that going to Fairfield was designed as a way to bring together our “work family” — nearly everyone from the creative collective The Flashdance flew in from dual coasts and spent several days in a town that shares a common history for many of my creative colleagues. We were all invited to a memorial day party to celebrate Shark Pig co-founder Jonathan Lynch’s five year anniversary with Louise (which was amazing and I’ll share pictures in the next post). But it was so much more than that.

It’s hard to explain, but rural Iowa really left an impression on me. This day in particular, when we all went swimming in a quarry, after which I spent hours exploring country roads chasing the most beautiful golden hour light I had seen in a long time — was blissful. My eyes felt fresh, my creativity awakened, and I really connected to the American heartland like never before.

Below are some personal photos that I love — one lens, one instant film camera, one day.


Brian + Mandy (sharklove in the wilds of Iowa)


A quick photo shoot featuring my friend and colleague, Brian of Shark Pig, and his lady during a recent trip to Fairfield, Iowa right before they took off on their European tour for the summer.


Instagram roundup


Some iPhone snaps taken while traveling over the past few weeks.


Airplanes & Blazers Two


Armed with one lens, one flash, and a camera that I thankfully didn’t drown in alcohol, as promised: here are my photos from the party of the year hosted by The Flashdance and Smilebooth during WPPI in Las Vegas–AIRPLANES & BLAZERS TWO


Alaska leftovers


Every now and then I start to miss living up north. Like Colorado, Alaska is a part of my soul and I was so lucky to call it my home for two summers. During my last year working in Juneau I rarely picked up my camera — my eyes were tired and I was working long hours, so I mostly kept my head down and simply went through the motions. But every now and again I would look up and snap a frame for personal memory — like when I had a few extra minutes to spend with the morning fog on my drive to the office, a flight over the glacier in the rain, the end of season boat trip with co-workers, my brother coming up to visit, kayaking to the glacier with friends, and watching a meteor shower on Douglas Island.

When I left I felt like I experienced everything I could in Alaska for that chapter of my life. Los Angeles may not have whales and glaciers, but it’s definitely where I belong right now.