CAMP Collection Studio Tour with EMMADIME




Call me a sap, but getting to work with friends is the best part of any job.  Getting to work with friends on a camp-inspired shoot that involves a beautiful river in northern California, running around throwing water balloons during golden hour, canoeing, and eating s’mores is even better.

Recently, my super talented friend Wade pitched an idea to create a studio tour for Camp Collection — a camp-inspired ready to wear clothing line based in San Francisco.  The video would be a continuation of the other studio tour videos he’s collaborated on with EMMADIME, but instead of doing a traditional studio tour, he dreamed up a world where the members of Camp would run every aspect of their business in the woods, from production to sales to social media.  The result is beautiful, and some of Wade’s finest directing work to date.  Take a look at the video below!

I tagged along to take still photos of the day and help Wade co-direct.  Tamar and Greg couldn’t have been lovelier to work with and we’re so excited we could produce such a fun project about the spirit of their brand.  You can read more about the Camp Collection on Emma’s blog here, and check out some of my favorite photos below!


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Pony Express published in Estonian Magazine



It was super fun getting to see a few of my photos from a road trip story I did on Nevada’s Highway 50 (aka: “The Loneliest Road in America”) published in a magazine for the Estonian Road Administration!




Four years ago, I started my international birthday tradition with my dad when we traveled to the south island of New Zealand on my 25th birthday.  At the time I had done very little international travel, so this new tradition guaranteed I could see the world by picking a new country to visit on April 1st.  It’s one of my favorite things I have to look forward to every year, and this year was possibly my favorite yet!  Australia has been one of the best surprises of all my travels so far, in part thanks to my friends Ngaio and Julian, who invited me out in the first place.  It seems silly since to say this since I live in California, but I really do feel like I crossed an ocean in order fall in love with the ocean.


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Last fall, I embarked on a quick trip to Ecuador with my dad and stepmom.  We explored a few days in the Andes and a few in the Amazon, with a sprinkle of high altitude city life in between.   While I crushed out over the volcanoes, people, and vibrant colors, my dad was particularly enchanted with the Amazon rainforest — a place he had dreamed about visiting his whole life.  I’ll always cherish the memory of sitting with him above the river bank as the mist moved slowly through the treetops.  Earlier in 2013 I traveled to the end of the world, so it was pretty awesome to also travel to the middle of the world in the same year.



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Eastern Europe



Last September I was hired to photograph a wedding in Bulgaria (which you can see more photos from here!), and my good friend Smiles Davis was hired to DJ it as well. Since we were flown all the way out to Europe for the wedding, Smiles and I decided to do some personal travel in Austria, Croatia, Budapest, and Prague.  We both fell head over heels for this part of Europe, with Budapest and Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes being some of the highlights.  Throughout our trip we ate amazing food, explored colorful old towns, collected new friends, experienced a vibrant nightlife, and soaked in the rich cultures of four very distinctively different countries.



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